Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee your work?2019-03-15T16:53:14-04:00

Absolutely.  We guarantee all work.  We are not done unless the customer is satisfied.

How close can you grind next to a fence, concrete slab, or structure?2019-03-15T16:52:44-04:00

We can get inches away from any structure.

Can you grind stumps on a hill?2019-03-15T16:52:15-04:00

It sure can.  Our machine is equipped with 4 wheel drive.

Do you remove the stump grinding mulch?2019-03-15T16:51:10-04:00

Yes, we offer that as an additional service for an extra charge.

Is there a big mess when you finished grinding a stump?2019-03-15T16:50:25-04:00

There can be a big pile of mulch depending on the size of the stump. We can rake it smooth or pay extra to remove the mulch.

Does your machine grind small stumps?2019-03-15T16:49:56-04:00

Yes it can.

Does your machine grind large stumps?2019-03-15T16:49:32-04:00

We can grind some of the biggest stumps in the area.

How long does it take the grind a stump?2019-03-15T16:49:11-04:00

Depends on the size, it can take 15 minutes to 2 hours.

How much do you typically charge per inch?2019-03-15T16:48:42-04:00

5-7 dollars an inch.

How do you charge for a stump?2019-03-15T16:48:21-04:00

Typically charge by the inch.

How do you properly measure a stump?2019-03-15T16:47:52-04:00

You measure not only the truck, but all the major surrounding roots.

Do you give discounted rates on multiple stumps?2019-03-15T16:45:36-04:00

Yes we do.

Can I plant a new tree in the same spot?2019-03-15T16:44:32-04:00

Yes, we can grind the stump down to nothing upon request.

How soon is your company looking for payment once the job is complete?2019-03-15T16:43:55-04:00

As soon as the job is complete.

How does your company accept payment?2019-03-15T16:43:23-04:00

We can accept , check, credit cards, or cash on site.

How deep can your machine grind below the surface?2019-03-15T16:42:23-04:00

Our Machines can grind 16-18 inches.  We also offer a shallow grind where we go 4-6 inches below grade.

Do you guys grind the surface roots?2019-03-15T16:41:19-04:00

Absolutely.  We can remove any roots above the surface of the dirt.

Can you remove the entire stump?2019-03-15T16:40:22-04:00

Yes, Your average tree roots are approximately 12-14 Inches below surface.

Why should I grind a stump?2019-03-15T16:39:56-04:00

So you don’t have to mow around it.  Aesthetics. To avoid termites, antes insects, etc. You way want to replace a tree, shrub or bush.

How many days does it take for your company to come out and grind my stump from the initial call?2019-03-15T16:39:14-04:00

1-2 days. Sometimes same day depending on schedule.

How close can you get to a fence, concrete, objects, etc?2019-03-15T16:37:31-04:00

We can get inches from anything.

Is the machine heavy to where it is going to hurt my driveway or sidewalks?2019-03-15T16:37:09-04:00

Our machine will not cause any damage.

Is the machine heavy to where it is going to damage my lawn?2019-03-15T16:35:52-04:00

Our machine will not cause any damage. We are experienced operators.  We can even put plywood down in wet areas.

Do you have protective gear to keep grinding out of my pool?2019-03-15T16:34:41-04:00

Yes, we have engineered a screen netting to keep mulch debris out of pools and ponds.

What happens when I don’t have a chainsaw big enough to cut flush with the ground?2019-03-15T16:32:52-04:00

There will be an additional cost for us to flush cut the trunk.

How far should the trunk of the tree be cut down?2019-03-15T16:29:36-04:00

Flush with the ground.

What areas to do service?2019-03-15T15:54:49-04:00


Pasco, hernando, citrus, polk, sumter, pinellas, manatee, hillsborough

Towns & Cities:

Springhill, brooksville, hudson, shady hills, masaryktown,  crystal river, homassasa, inverness, floral city, wildwood, weeki wachee, dade city, darby, leesburg, brandon, brandenton, lakeland, plant city, river view, citrus park, wesley chapel, town ‘n country, palm harbor, dunedin, safety harbor,  land o lakes, lutz , odessa, keystone, trinity, holiday, tarpon springs, new tampa, pebble creek,  carrollwood, thonosassa, valrico, south tampa, san antonio, seffner, west chase, largo, belleair, bushnell, webster, ridge manor, nobleton,lecanto, port richey, new port richey, tampa, temple, oldsmar, terrace, clearwater, st peterburgh, apollo beach, cheval, greater northdale, lake magdalene, high point

Does your company carry General Liability Insurance?2019-03-15T15:56:16-04:00

Absolutely! Wouldn’t do business without it. We have a 1,000,000 dollar coverage.

What size gate will your machine fit through?2019-03-15T16:17:17-04:00

36 inches or bigger

Is your company responsible for wires pipes and irrigation pipes?2019-03-15T16:18:54-04:00

The home owner is responsible for any damages.

Do you have ability to cut trunk flush with the ground?2019-03-15T16:30:31-04:00

Yes we do.  We carry a chain saw with us at all times.

Do you blow any concrete, driveways, sidewalks, etc off when done stumping?2019-03-15T16:30:06-04:00

Yes we do. We carry a blower with us at all times.

How soon can you provide an invoice when the stump is complete?2019-03-15T16:27:51-04:00

Before we leave the property.

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Kevin Pung

“Chris is prompt, courteous and very reasonable when asked for estimates and his work is impeccable! It can be seen throughout the neighborhood. I would definitely recommend him!!!!!”

Michelle Orantes

“Timely, Friendly, and accommodating!!! Chris did an outstanding job!!! Best of all, he didn’t over charge me for the services. Would HIGHLY recommend Stumped Up.”

Justin Watkins

“Professional, courteous and gave me a great price! I would recommend Stumped Up to anyone!!!”

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